Nope, Animal Abuse is Definitely Not OK

I could get on a soapbox for a long time decrying animal abuse. I think most of us could. In my forthcoming book, the hero and heroine are instrumental in investigating and busting a dog fighting ring.

Dog fighting, as well as cock fighting, baiting, etc. is more common than you might think. A lot of good information is already out there, and many organizations are making a difference. On a national level, the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA both work to help these abused animals and see that the humans responsible are punished. Many local organizations across the country also do their part to address this issue.

Unfortunately, even when animal abusers are convicted, the punishments are often relatively minor.

Amidst stories about animal abuse, there are many success stories of rehabilitation for these scarred beings. Here is a recent one about a horse recovering after a human intentionally set him on fire. I know a lot of people who work at The OSU Veterinary Medical Center. It’s a tough job.