Top Ten Insights from the COFW Conference

I spent the past two days at the Central Ohio Fiction Writers’ Conference. It was fun and educational, and I got to meet a lot of other writers. Here are some tidbits I picked up from the various sessions I attended:

  1. is a good place to get cheap photography if you don’t want to be limited by the free sites. –From Bemis Promotions
  2. “Make fear your friend, and your resources and success will expand because it’s become less about the fear and more about the work and ther reader.” Oh, and check out –Karen Austin
  3. Think in 4D: sensory, intuitive, logistics and logical. –From Susan Gee Heino
  4. “Keep it simple.” –Kristen Nelson
  5. Isolate 100 lines of dialogue from each of your main characters. Can you tell who is talking if you mixed them all up? –from Joanna Bourne
  6. There happen to be a good number of authors in Central Ohio publishing with Etopia Press, just like me.
  7. Feeling stuck? Throw a bomb in your story. –From Joanna Bourne
  8. “What are you prepared to do?” in Sean Connery’s voice. –From Kristan Higgins
  9. Look at a bookseller’s calendar and figure out how you can help enhance their event and make their job’s easier. –Panel of booksellers and librarians
  10. Don’t do this in the first chapter of your book: dreams, flashbacks, secondary plot lines, introduction of characters for future books, outright revelation, grocery list descriptions, and anything that is a precursor to the action. –Kristan Higgins

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