A Quest to Contact the Earth

Sometimes I forget what day it is, so this week you get a Travelogue Wednesday. Maybe after following a schedule for a few weeks, it will become an ingrained habit. It takes two weeks to reprogram the brain, or something like that. Unfortunately, this concept has never worked to make me stick to exercising, but, hey, maybe it will for blogging.

Anyway, since it is October and the internets are filled with tales of witchcraft, I thought I’d talk a little about one of the first books about the subject I read cover to cover: Scottish Witchcraftby Raymond Buckland.  My heroine, Chloe, is perhaps even more obsessed with Scotland than I am.

A Pictish carving

Buckland’s book chronicles some of the history and present day tradition of Wicca as practiced by the Picts .One concept he writes about is quest to “make contact with the earth” (page 42). It involves going out into nature for seven days and living off the land. The idea is you merge with the God and Goddess and through them, all that has life—animals, plants and minerals. You sleep on the earth and live off the earth.

I have often thought of attempting such an undertaking, but I am not too proud to admit it is a daunting proposition. It’s not that I’m a city girl. In fact, I grew up rustic camping with my parents in the wilds of Northern Michigan, i.e., no electricity, running water was the creek we camped beside, and the toilet was a hole dug in the ground. I often slept in the car, though. And, most importantly, I wasn’t alone.

Maybe someday I will work up the nerve to actually undertake this solitary quest to connect with the soul of the world. In the meantime, I’ll just read and write about all things I don’t have the courage to do myself.

Do you have anything you wish you had guts to try?

photo credit: pettifoggist via photopin cc