How We Got a Dog

My husband was not on board with getting a dog. I talked about it for years (probably at least 5) before we finally took the plunge, and it took a lot of convincing. He had good reason to be nervous, as he’d witnessed a dog kill one of his cats as a child.

When he finally started to warm up to the idea, I searched for a dog that would make him comfortable that none of our cats would be harmed. That’s when I found Colony Cats and Dogs. I knew of this group as Colony Cats. They take in a lot of feral cats to adopt out, as well as helping people establish stable feral cat colonies through a trap, neuter, return program. Turns out, they had begun taking dogs into their foster program, too. The selling point for Chris was that all of their dogs were fostered with cats.

I started to monitor their adoptable animal listings, and one day I saw Sasha posted. There was a Mingle with Our Mutts event coming up

Sashi on her first outing to the Metropark.

(an event hosted by the county’s dog shelter where various rescue groups bring adoptable dogs for the public to meet). I took a chance that Sashi would be one of the dogs Colony Cats and Dogs brought to the event. When I saw her, I knew fate was at work. We took her for walk and decided to fill out the application on the spot. I figured the less time I gave my husband to second guess, the better.

A few days later, we were approved and set a date for Sasha to become ours. We decided to change her name to Sashi. The day she arrived at our house, Chris was nervous. It was needless, as Sashi settled in like she was home almost immediately. Even her foster mom was surprised by how comfortable she was. She never went after any of the cats, but they certainly did their share of hissing.

We’ve since learned that Sashi loves cats–probably more than dogs.