Isle of Skye

A view of the Isle of Skye from Kyle of Lockalsh

The Isle of Skye is one of my favorite places in Scotland. It’s a beautiful island full of magic, fairies, and inspiration for Tolkien. It’s the first place I ever had scotch whisky.

Quiraing was an inspiration for Tolkien. Definitely Misty Mountains on the day we were there.

My guide was eminently polite when I said the Tallisker tasted somewhat like Chloraseptic. In all fairness, he did ask me to be completely honest and he agreed that Talisker is considered to have a medicinal quality. Later he bought me a glass of Dalwhinnie, which was much more to my taste.

A view from Fairie Glen

Scotch plays a prominent role in my forthcoming novel, as does my hero and heroine’s love of the country. The sequel is largely set in Scotland.

So far, I’ve inspired beta readers and my editor to either try scotch or sincerely consider trying it. 🙂