C is for Catnip #atozchallenge

I’ve already established that I like animals. My favorite animal is the cat. Did you know that not all cats like catnip? A reaction to catnip is actually related to a genetic trait and some lines of cats have been selectively bred to not react to catnip.

My non-catnip kitty is in the front.

I have one cat who just doesn’t get catnip. When the other cats are rolling around, he sniffs the herb and gives them all looks like they are crazy.

I still use catnip in my book. Today I’m guesting over at Sylv Jenkin’s blog about five of my favorite words from my novel. One of them happens to be catnip. Since today’s blog is for the letter C, I also could have written about the word cheeky.

7 thoughts on “C is for Catnip #atozchallenge

  1. Catnip is a good word . I know it’s hard to decide with other great words like cheeky 🙂 but that is why it’s a challenge I guess which is another great C word huh. I didn’t know not all cats like catnip .


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