Y is for Yuck #AtoZChallenge

This has been one of those weeks. Not the kind where terribly tragic things happen, but a bunch of little annoying things. So I’m not sad or devastated or terribly stressed. Instead it’s been a yuck kind of week–just like when I bite into something and find I don’t like it. It’s unpleasant and I don’t want to repeat the experience.

Life is filled with a bunch of yuck moments. Earlier this week, we found a leak in our bathroom sink. Last night while at our friends’ house, one of their neighbors backed into our car and severely dented the door, and tonight we found the flashing around our chimney is leaking.

But many worse things happen in life too, so these are just bumps in the road. And tomorrow I’ll get an estimate from a body shop and try to find someone to come repair our roof before it rains again. Tuesday I have a plumber coming to fix the leak in the bathroom. And each day I will remind myself of all the not-yuck moments of life–like waking up with a cat purring on my chest, how happy my dog is every time I walk in the door, and how lucky I am to have a wonderful husband to share my life.

There are bound to be more yuck moments in my life, but they pale in comparison to the yum moments.

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