Eduardo: A Remembrance

This has been a difficult year for us. We lost another cat this week. I am glad, though, that we could end his suffering when age finally caught up with him and his body started to shut down. I think the obituary my husband wrote best suits a remembrance of Eduardo:

Unfortunately we lost another cat this year, and even more unfortunately we lost him yesterday, which is my wife’s birthday. Here’s Eduardo (? – 2013). I think he was at least 16 years old, but we were never sure how old he was, since we adopted him after he was an adult in 2002. Quite a handsome guy who had a way with the ladies, always flirting with and charming every vet tech he met, although I never got the sense that he cared much for the veterinarians themselves. Other things about Eduardo: he was exceptionally muscular for a cat who never exercised, he loved my wife more than his own life, he positively hated the outdoors, he had to be held in a particular way where he could plaster his whole body against your chest, and his meow sounded like a dying hard drive. Rest in peace, buddy.

This is perhaps the most famous photo of Eduardo.