Agreements and a Declaration… #thoughts

When I make agreements with other people, I’m a pretty reliable person. With myself, it’s a completely different issue. I could venture into TMI land, but I suffice it to say that I’m sure this has much to do with my own issues with perfectionism and failure.

So what agreement did I recently break that I’m here to share today?

In April, I completed the A to Z Challenge, where I posted each day (Sundays excluded) with a post about a word that starts with each consecutive letter of the alphabet. For the most part it was fun, although some letters were more challenging then others. I had the brilliant idea that I’d continue on my own A to Z Challenge and post with this theme each week, so in a year I’d have made my way through the alphabet twice.

And now, here it is, the middle of June, and I’m just now posting about Agreements (which helpfully starts with A).

Since my internal will power has flaws, here’s my declaration to the blogosphere: I’m going to post alphabetically at least once every two weeks. I’ll still post news and adoptable animals, too, as well as guest posts and spotlights from other authors.

If I start to slack, feel free to send me a nudge. I just might need it.