Less Impressed with Cauliflower #8sunday

Here’s a snippet of domestic life from To Growl or to Groan, which will be out later this year. Chloe, Jorge, their three dogs and two cats are having dinner with Chloe’s friend Naomi and her dog. Naomi makes the mistake of saying her dog’s name. This scene is from Chloe’s POV.

“Uh-oh. Now you’ve started it.” I gesture to the dogs, who have circled the table like a pack of, well, dogs.

They whine at each of us in turn. Jorge gives in first; he’s the sucker. He barely gets food on the floor for each of the dogs, when our cats, Sashi and Enoki, come in. They get some goodies too. Although they are much less impressed with the cauliflower—not so much they won’t eat it, but still.

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