Wednesday Words: Pillowy

I went through a period in college when pillowy was one of the words I loved. I found ways to work it into my speech and writing for school at every opportunity. I even included on a list of words I put on a self-portrait sculpture I had to make when I took a ceramics class for my art credit (I did save a few bowls I made, but the sculptures all went in the trash eventually. An visual artist, I am not! 🙂 ).

So how did I stumble upon this word, which I still think is fun to say and wonderfully sounds like what it describes? An episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Yep, it was an adjective used by one of the characters to describe the heroine’s breasts in whatever B movie they were watching that particular episode. And in case you’re wondering, I have never used pillowy to describe breasts. Think I should?

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