Did someone mention Batman? #8sunday

Here’s a snippet from early on in my forthcoming novel, To Growl or to Groan, set to release in October. Jorge, our hero, is helping carry in the bags when Chloe returns home from Christmas shopping.

I open the front door while shaking my head and let Jorge go first since he’s carrying more bags. “I’ll hold you to your flirting later. But now, how about we put all the bags in the Bat Cave?” That’s what I’d named the den on the first floor, which Jorge outfitted with a supercomputer and wall of monitors all connected to cameras strategically placed throughout the property and the house. He takes his privacy very seriously, and as a shape-shifter, he does have things to hide, so I can’t entirely blame him. When I found out about the monitoring, I made him swear that he wasn’t keeping the recordings of our bedroom. Since then, I’ve added the kitchen and living room to the list of recordings that must be erased. No sex tapes will be leaking onto the Internet on my watch.

While you’re waiting for To Growl or to Groan to release, check out To Hiss or to Kiss and find out how Jorge and Chloe first meet.

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11 thoughts on “Did someone mention Batman? #8sunday

  1. I like this. I like the juxtaposition of the everyday routine (carrying bags) with his big secret (being a shapeshifter). Also like your writing style and voice. Unique and refreshing snippet.


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