Who Needs Sweet Talk? #MySexySaturday

This is my first My Sexy Saturday, and I’m happy to bring you seven paragraphs from my forthcoming novel To Growl or to Groan, set to be released as an ebook on October 18th. It is a sequel to To Hiss or to Kiss.

To me, humor is sexy, along with some great chemistry…

Jorge’s fingers dance along my slit, which already drips. He grins. “No need for a warm up today.”

I snort. “Not like I usually need one, you sexy beast, you.”

“I suppose not.” He places a quick kiss on my sex before rising over me. “I’m anxious to be inside you right now.”

“Back at ya.” I nip his chin.

He slides his hard cock into me on a groan. “God, you feel good. I will never get tired of this. Of you.”

He’s not wrong about how good this feels. I wriggle my hips. “Less sweet talk, more pounding.”

He chuckles. “My hopeless romantic.”

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