Wednesday Words: W.M. Kirkland gets a little Sci-Fi

The English language is such a rich and varied thing, that it’s hard to find just five words that I love. I love to discover new words and to use them appropriately in conversation. Even changing the way a word is pronounced, such as by using the UK pronunciation can be fun and enlightening.

Theoretical Physics, Mr. Cooper?

One of my favorite words is theoretical. I say that a lot, usually in the context of “theoretically this should be easy”. It implies possibilities, a chance that something we think might not be doable really is. It also makes me think of Theoretical Physics and other scientific practices which are discovering the edge of our known universe and laws.

I also enjoy the word mojo. It’s a cool word, harkening back to a time when people thought in terms of flower power and getting groovy. It’s about taking back my personal power, finding my mojo, and getting to work. In some respects, the word is gaining popularity in marketing circles, but I like it because it so succinctly explains what I’m trying to do when I combine finding my power, getting into the flow, and getting it done all into one, neat, four-letter word.

The word freedom calls to me. Like theoretical, it implies bigger horizons and better things. I live with a chronic illness that leaves me in pain, and so to me, freedom would be waking up pain-free to take care of what I need to do. It reminds me of wide open vistas and beautiful scenes. It’s about being about to do what I need to do when I need to do it.

While not exactly one word, I love the imaginative synonyms for swear words that science fiction shows come up with. Frack. Frell. You don’t have to know the words or the language, to know what’s being said. Gorram is one of my favorites.

Finally, it may sound cheesy, but I do write romance after all. One of my favorite words is love. It makes the world go around. It warms our hearts and keeps us smiling. It’s about support and caring and taking care of one another.

And really as a writer who writes romance, isn’t that what’s it about? Love?

Bio: A long time ago in a galaxy far away…oh wait, that’s a different saga. W.M. Kirkland began writing over twenty years ago, and all the stories, no matter the genre, featured handsome princes. Today, W.M. combines a love of history and fantastical settings with strong men and bonds which cannot be broken. Although these men keep W.M. at the computer most of the day, there’s still time for enjoying the outdoors, great movies, and a good time.

Recent Release:

When Jaime flies to Iowa for his friend’s wedding, he discovers the closeted lover he’d left in college is out and the star at a local drag club. After a wedding weekend full of reunion sex, all Jaime wants to do is bring Trevor, aka ShyAnne, back to Denver to star at his club.

Except Trevor’s built a good life for himself in Iowa, and he wonders if Jaime wants him only for his high heels. The sex might be great, but he knows Jaime got bored with his countrified life once.

An offer for Jaime to buy an Iowa drag club has both of them rethinking their situation, and Jaime wondering if he can really be happy with some country boy love.