Private train cars… #mysexysaturday #MSSWeek18

Today, here’s a seven paragraph peek at To Growl or to Groan, releasing mid-October. Chloe recently stole away to deal with a personal issue. Jorge tracks her through their psychic connection and they meet up in the train station.

Before I can tense up at my sudden feeling of vulnerability, he pulls me to the waiting train.

“I wasn’t sure I could find you, but I remember a certain threat you made to hunt me down, so I thought it was worth a try.”

I had made that threat after we had that mother of all break-ups. I’d gone back to his house later that evening only to find he was gone. He’d disappeared for days. Luckily, he showed up before I had to put my theory to the test. We had epic make up sex. Speaking of which, I wonder if they have any private cars on this train?

Jorge laughs. “I can see what you’re thinking.”

“So they do have private cars on this train?”

His eyebrow goes up, but his eyes are all smoldering heat. “I should’ve known you’d be impatient. I’ll inquire about an upgrade.” He winks then walks up to the train attendant. Upon his return he tells me we aren’t on a sleeper train with no small amount of disappointment.

So much for using sex to put off thinking and talking about the hard truth. I really love that distraction technique. And if there’s anything Jorge and I are really good at, it’s sex.

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  1. I like the snippet. At first I was wondering why you would choose present tense, but after watching the trailer I realize it’s to take you into the mind of the MC so the reader can see what is happening with the psychic link. Awesome!


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