You want me to what? Anne Lange previews her new book

We all have sexual fantasies, don’t we?  Unfortunately, we all don’t indulge in them.  How sad is that? Wouldn’t life be more interesting if we did?

Have you ever thought about confessing your most secret desires to your best friend, your lover, your husband? Have you ever wondered…what if?  Could I really do that?  Would he, or she, be willing to…

The subject of sex and sexual desires isn’t as taboo as it used to be. Thank God! The idea of exploring our boundaries, while it may be considered risqué, certainly isn’t as frowned upon as it was in days gone by. People of all ages, both men and women, are more curious, more willing to test those boundaries, explore some of those fantasies they’ve harbored for years, but were too shy or embarrassed to say out loud.

Some satisfy that need by reading erotic stories or watching erotic movies. Others take it a little further and play out those fantasies behind the safety of their bedroom doors and with their partner.  (How about you play the pirate tonight honey!) And others indulge their desires with other like-mind people, in locations and situations specifically created for just that purpose.

I won’t say whether the situations described in my upcoming release Friends with Benefits are my fulfilled fantasies or my unfulfilled ones, or if they’re even mine.  I will admit that a few of my friends are the inspiration for some of the people in this story. Don’t worry; I’ve changed names to protect the innocent.  Not that they’re all that innocent. J

Friends with Benefits isn’t just about having sex with a friend. It isn’t about simply inviting your neighbors over for dinner and seeing where things go from there. (Can you image the conversation at over dessert and coffee!?)  It’s about the risk you take in sharing someone you can’t live without, with another person. It’s about putting that someone into the hands of another and trusting nobody will get hurt. It’s about telling everyone around you to go to hell, because if you lived to make them happy, you would die a little bit inside every day.

Having good friends comes with certain benefits. They have your back. They trust you. They share with you. They love you.

 Some Friendships Come With Benefits

When your best friend moves to town, you have all kinds of great ideas about how to spend your time together.

Some guys just want to get together, catch up on old times, have a few beers, and maybe play some pool.

But what if you have another idea?

Maybe there’s something you’ve been thinking about for a long while, and now is the perfect opportunity to test your theory.

But while you’re discussing your suggested summer plans with your friend, your wife is waiting for you at home…and she’s been thinking too.  She has her own plans for the summer.

Hopefully they’ll be in sync with yours.


You trust your friend.

You love your wife.

Is your relationship with both of them strong enough to put it all to the ultimate test?

There’s only one way to find out…

Coming soon, Friends with Benefits, a ménage story about a husband and wife who invite another man, his best friend, into their bedroom for the summer.

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