How much I’d like to see your naked ass… @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSWeek21

Here are seven paragraphs of red light sexy from my new release To Growl or to Groan. Jorge is a jaguar shape-shifter, hence the purring is literal. 🙂

As if he has read my mind he strips from his shirt and reveals his chiseled abs. He grins wickedly, looking most pleased with the lust and love in my eyes.

Moisture pools in my panties as he effortlessly lifts my torso and removes my bra. His lips kiss down the side of my neck even as I cling to his torso, his soft chest hair caressing my cheek before I give in and pepper his chest with kisses.

His purring kicks into high gear. The vibrations kick my libido into the stratosphere and I press my weight into him.

“I need to be naked—like now.”

He chuckles. “As you wish.” He lets my torso fall back to the bed and slides his body down mine, using his tongue to tickle my sides with pleasure and pain.

I moan as he sweeps his tongue along my hip bone and slides his hand down my with my pants and underwear. His fine ass is tilted into the air, unfortunately still covered with sleep pants, and I wish my arms were longer so I could bare his bottom, pull it to me for a tasty bite.

Then he’s dropped my clothes and his lips meet my core, and I really don’t care about much of anything except the exquisite sensations he’s giving me. “Oh, God. Please don’t stop that—no matter how much I’d like to see your naked ass.”

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