Wednesday Words: Tarot

Tarot plays a prominent role in my latest novel, To Growl or to Groan. The deck in the book is modeled on the Mary-El Tarot, which is one of the most fascinating, beautiful and haunting tarot decks I have come across. It brings in not only traditional tarot interpretations, but also draws from a rich comparative mythology background.

I used an integrative tarot method for the readings in my book. Much thanks goes to Letitia of Integrative Tarot, who introduced me to this method and the Mary-El Tarot.

I believe that serendipity is at work in the world. Shortly after I was introduced to the deck, I found it for sale at my local Half Price Books on a 40% off day. It was meant to be mine. It became integral to the path of my novel. I did not deliberately pick particular cards for the two readings that appear in the book. I actually did two separate three card readings for Chloe for two different points in her journey. You can read one of Chloe’s tarot readings for free at Amazon or BN.

Tarot, and oracle cards, are powerful tools for self-exploration. It is amazing to me how readings consistently give me insight into and different ways of contemplating various questions or issues in my life.

Have you used tarot or oracle cards for self development? If so, what has your experience been?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Words: Tarot

  1. Katya, I’ve used tarot to help me bust writer’s block, or when I wasn’t sure where my story needed to go next. It’s amazing how just pulling three cards and reading the descriptions can make a huge difference. I was skeptical at first, but it worked so well. I bought the Wizard’s Tarot deck that was created by Corrine Kenner, the author of Tarot for Writers.


  2. Hi Katya! I have four decks but the Mystic Dreamer deck and the Enchanted Map Oracle cards are my favorites. They seem to resonate with me the best. It’s a good way to get clarity.


    • I love the Enchanted Map oracle cards too. My friend gave me that deck several years ago. I also really like the Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides oracle cards and Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance oracle cards.


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