4 Hearts from Sizzling Hot Books

I was very pleased to find this review for To Growl or to Groan today.

I never got the chance to read the first installment of Katya Armock’s Hidden Lines series but so far To Growl Or To Groan is a good read.

Chloe is the kind of heroine I love. She has attitude, and a strong sense of right and wrong. In To Growl Or To Groan, Chloe finds herself faced with new problems after her psychic abilities start acting up on her and she has the added stress of meeting her boyfriends parents. While all this is going on Jorge, Chloe’s jaguar shapeshifting boyfriend is trying to help Chloe with her problems and deal with the disappearance of his sister.

To Growl Or To Groan was a decent book. I am not the biggest fan of shapeshifter books personally but I did enjoy the interplay between the characters and especially the interactions between Chloe and her pets. The sex scenes in To Growl Or To Groan were steamy as ever and believable of two people in love and in a relationship. A plus in my opinion.

Overall the storyline in To Growl Or To Groan is very well written and begins to bring the reader even further into the world of Hidden Lines. If you like shapeshifters, some sexy romance, and a good mystery as well then I would definitely recommend To Growl Or To Groan.