Why Crystals Won’t Work For You

A lovely article about crystals and energy fields. Amethyst and bloodstones show up in To Growl or to Groan…

Crystals Heal



Crystals are not a fix-all.  I’ll say it right up front.  If you have a problem and you want crystals to fix it, that’s fine.  But don’t expect to see overnight dramatic results just because you put a couple tumbled stones in your water glass.  Crystals work with you, they don’t do the work for you.

For example – say you want to use crystals to help you with stress management.  That’s awesome, crystals are great for that.  But don’t just put a couple in your pocket and your drinking water and expect the problem to be taken care of if you aren’t taking any further steps.  That’s like popping a couple diet pills and then flopping on the couch with the TV remote, a bag of chips and some deep fried Twinkies and getting angry because three months later you’re…

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