Meet Lars, our new kitty

In the wake of much loss of pets in our household in the past year, we decided to add a new kitty to the family. Meet Lars. He’s now our second foster failure. When I picked him up from the local humane society, I thought he might be a permanent fixture in the family. I’ve always had at least one gray cat, and I lost them both this year. Plus, I could immediately tell he was a laid back guy. It didn’t hurt that his fur is super soft and started purring when I pet him. Cats do know how to seize an opportunity!

He came to us at nine months of age with a nasty bite wound, but after a few weeks of TLC, warm compresses, medicine, and a cone of shame, his wound has healed nicely. He will most likely have permanent scarring at the two main puncture sites, but the rest of the scratches and bruises have faded away. Of course, much happiness ensued when the cone of shame went bye-bye.

His fur is still growing back, but you can’t tell in this photo. I was hoping to get a shot that didn’t cut off his head, but my cat Hermes wouldn’t stop photobombing and I only have so much patience! šŸ™‚

The rest of the family has accepted him. Even our anti-cat cat Raj has played with him a few times. I think his gentle nature goes a long way toward helping him fit in. It appears he has no interest whatsoever in being alpha cat. Cuddling and playing are way more fun anyway!

3 thoughts on “Meet Lars, our new kitty

  1. I have one here who could be a foster failure… she’s very sweet and loving, but oh, so afraid of anything — including loud noises and being handled. I think before she was found, she was yelled at and abused. It may take me a lifetime to get her ready to be adopted.


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