Advice and New Releases: An Interview with Rachel Brimble

Today I’m happy to interview the lovely Rachel Brimble. She has some wonderful historicals with beautiful covers.

1. Are you on track to meet your goals this year and do you have any for 2014?

I love goals! I am a goal fanatic. I work better under pressure so tend to set weekly, monthly and yearly goals to keep me focused. I am happy to say I achieved all my 2013 goals by the end of November, which were write three novels and to sign contracts for three more books.

My goals for 2014 are two novels and one partial completed. I am contracted for a Victorian romance for eKensington and a fifth Harlequin Superromance. I would also like to submit a proposal to Mira.

2. Where would you like your career to be in five years?

I’d love to be self-sufficient through my writing. That is my ultimate goal. I don’t necessarily need the millions (although it would be nice!), but what I would like is to think I could support my children and myself just through my writing. That would be fantastic!

3. Best thing you have learned from an agent/editor?

I can answer that question for both –

Editor – Know your characters’ backstories inside out. This is massive because it is the essence of who they are and why they make the decisions they do today. Whatever happens to us from childhood to adulthood shapes who were are in any given moment. Knowing your characters provides their motivation and ultimately their stories.

Agent – She has taught what polishing a manuscript REALLY means! My writing has honestly never been as good as it is now. I cannot wait for the release of my next book. I am very, very proud of it.

4. What surprised you the most once you became published?

The time spent on promotion, definitely. It takes up a lot of time but it is also an essential part of your future success. There was a time I got sucked into too much promotion which meant I was not producing any new work. DO NOT make the same mistake.

Now I figure out how much writing I have each day and limit myself to a quarter dedicated to promo, the rest creativity. It works!

5. Tell us about your latest release.

It is my second Victorian romance for eKensington, released Feb 20th. The Temptation of Laura is set in Bath, England and the sequel to The Seduction of Emily. Here are the blurb & buy links:

Laura Robinson has always been dazzled by the glamour of the stage. But perhaps acting and selling one’s favors are not so different—for Laura must feign pleasure with the men she beds to survive. Now, with her only friend at death’s door and a ruthless pimp at her heels, escaping her occupation seems impossible. Hoping to attract a gentleman, she attends the theater. Yet the man Laura captivates is no customer, but a rising star and playwright…

Adam Lacey has been driven to distraction since the moment he saw Laura. She is his ideal leading lady come to irresistible life—and so much more. Certain they can make the perfect team on and off stage, he is determined to win her heart—and discover her story. But that is precisely what Laura fears. And she has no idea that Adam harbors shameful secrets of his own. Will the truth free them to love—or destroy all their dreams…?

6. What are you working on right now?

I am working on my third Victorian romance for Kensington – tentatively called The Passion of Monica. This book is set in and around Bath and is about a successful stage actress who is called home to the country after the death of her father. She escaped to Bath because her home life was so strict and unhappy. It is her worst nightmare to have to go back. The one saving grace is in the form of the family’s handsome groom, Thomas. Can their forbidden love ever become a reality?

About the Author:

I live with my fantastic husband, our two young daughters and my beloved black Labrador, Max in a small market town near the famous Georgian City of Bath.  Having always ‘played’ with writing, I didn’t seriously sit down and write toward publication until I became pregnant with my second daughter – then I told myself to get my butt in the chair and get on with it before she grows up and I’m forced to get a real job!

Lots of short stories followed as did lots of rejections!  I took a few distance learning courses, joined some online writers groups and basically, learned my craft.  Finally deciding short stories weren’t working for me (they are an art form in themselves!), in 2006 I decided to embark on my first novel and voila Searching For Sophie was born!  Since then, my other books have followed each year.

And when I’m not writing? You’ll find me with my head in a book or walking the beautiful English countryside with my family.  And in the evening?  Well, a well-deserved glass of wine is never, ever refused.