Wardrobe aside– #8sunday

I’ve got a new short story that might become a novella in the works. The following takes place at a club.

Maya took his hand to shake, briefly nodding toward pencil guy. “I-I’m, uh, Maya.”

Gavin grinned, flashing perfect, white teeth. “Pleasure to finally meet you, Maya. We’ve both seen you around.”

Asa stood and circled to stand almost between Gavin and Maya. “You don’t seem the usual type to frequent these places—wardrobe aside.”

She arched an eyebrow and leaned onto the bar.

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5 thoughts on “Wardrobe aside– #8sunday

  1. “Pencil guy” 🙂 I like the image, and the way she’s defining him. Intriguing little snippet. Good 8–and good luck with this story. Isn’t it neat when inspiration turns to words on a page? 😉


    • I will admit that I don’t do a lot of set up when I post these eight-sentence snippets. I tell myself this is because I like to see how people react without much context (which is true), but I’m sure it’s at least in part laziness. 😉 I will also admit that when I visit other authors’ posts I often don’t read the set up, although I sometimes go back to it after reading the snippet.


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