Wednesday Words: Nitpick (and two confessions)

Nitpick is one of those words that sound just right to my ear for its meaning. It has a satisfying mouth feel and a nice look on the page. But I didn’t start this particular blog with the intention of just discussing the onomatopoeial qualities of the word nitpick. I really had a couple of confessions on my mind.

Confession #1: By nature I am a nitpicky critic and a perfectionist—mostly of myself but also of others and the world at large. I spend a great deal of my spiritual development working to accept and diffuse this tendency in myself. Sometimes I still rub people the wrong way because I tend to be rather blunt and don’t have much interest in small talk, but I think my friends and family would say I no longer devolve into a judgmental asshole on occasion and can keep an open mind while sharing my opinions candidly. These days I’m much more about open and frank communication and compromise.

Confession #2: I have long had a distaste for writing reviews, and I am sure this stems from my own past negative experiences with offending people and the work I feel it requires to communicate in an authentic yet compassionate way. However, as a writer I also know how beneficial reviews can be. Hence I face a dilemma. To write a review or not to write a review.

In the end, I decided that I need to pull on my big girl panties and pay it forward. So in the future I’m going to be posting occasional reviews on my blog. I’ve committed to several over the coming months as my trial run.

What you, as a reader of my blog, can expect is that I will not pull punches in my reviews but will keep an open mind and endeavor to maintain some level of objectivity. It is what I value in reviews I read when considering a book. Let this experiment in vulnerability begin.