Review: Moonstone Obsession a Historical Gem

Moonstone Obsession is a gem. Historical is not my go-to romance category but I went on a historical streak recently. This book rose to the top as one of my favorites. It is well written, engaging, and filled with historical details that made me feel like I learned a bit too.

Selina is a likable heroine. She has notions of romance but is sensible enough to know that she may end up a spinster. She neither accepts nor rejects matrimony at face value, and I enjoyed a heroine with such a pragmatic view in a historical. As the intrigue heightens in relation to the French Revolution and its impact on England, we also see that she is incredibly brave.

James is a worthy hero. He has elements of the rogue but also a deep sense of honor. His connection with Selina is believable and a pleasure to read.

The secondary cast of characters are well drawn and added depth to the story. The descriptions are lush. The countryside almost felt like its own character in a way. For the most part I enjoyed the descriptions but they could be a tad excessive at times. The last quarter of the book became heavily political and dragged for me as it caused the story to stop feeling like a romance. That is the only reason I give this book a 4.5 out of 5.