An old family tradition #MSS48

Today for My Sexy Saturday, I’m going back to book 1 of my Hidden Lines series, To Hiss or to Kiss. This is where Chloe and Jorge’s story began.

“I want to revive an old tradition from my family for our dinner. I’ll buy a bagful of ingredients, and you have to work them all into the meal. No planning ahead.”

“I have to do that and meet your best friend, who sounds a little scary-protective based on what you’ve told me, at the same time? You ask a lot, my dear.” He puts his hand over his heart as if he’ll faint, but the slight smile on his lips tells me he’s being overly dramatic.

“Like you can talk about being scary protective. You and Naomi should get along just fine on that count. And yes, that’s the deal.”

Want More? I’ll be sharing snippets all day on the 28th over at the TRS Release Party.

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2 thoughts on “An old family tradition #MSS48

  1. I so love the premise of this story. Such an inviting snippet…can’t wait to see what gets cooked up…thanks for sharing!


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