Something’s wrong… #MSS49

This week’s My Sexy Saturday focuses on heroines. This snippet is from To Hiss or to Kiss, book 1 of the Hidden Lines series. It’s currently on sale for 99 cents. All three books of Chloe and Jorge’s story are now available.

I remember the day I knew my dad had resigned himself to the fact that my mother wasn’t coming back. It was about two years after she left. There was an open house at my school to kick off the new year. I had a teacher who was new to the district, and she was introducing herself to all the parents. When she got to my dad, she asked if she’d also be meeting my mother. My father paled but managed to answer with a shaky no.

The teacher tried to cover her gaffe, but being forced to say out loud that my mother wasn’t in our lives was a turning point for my dad. After that, he became a ghost. He always took care of my physical needs. I was never hungry or denied rides to extracurricular activities. He came to all my tennis matches. But he was never really there.

When I finally fall asleep, I dream my mother is trying to smother me with a pillow. My dad watches, eyes forlorn.

I awake with a start. My first thought is that I wish Jorge would have come crashing into my dream to save me. I glance over at his sleeping form. His T-shirt is twisted, revealing the shadows of his rippling abs in the moonlight.

With tentative hands, I reach out and lightly stroke his bare skin. He shudders at my touch, and I start to recoil.

His hand moves lightning quick to stop me, and I look up into his penetrating green eyes.

“You OK?” He is surprisingly alert for just having woken. Then again, cats do wake up pretty fast if they think something’s wrong.

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