Review: Hockey fantasy come to life

Score on Me is a fun story of a hockey-loving woman who has a chance meeting with her favorite hockey player that leads to a whole lot more than she ever thought possible. Kat loves her local professional hockey team, but mostly she loves star player Kris LaFleur. When the two meet and he invites her for coffee, she can’t refuse. When one thing leads to another she decides she only lives once and takes the opportunity for a one night stand with her fantasy man. Turns out that Kris was looking for more than a one night stand.

Kat has body issues, thanks in large part to her mother’s harsh criticism. It makes it hard for her to accept Kris’ interest. Kris’ main issue in the book is dealing with a slightly crazy ex and trying to convince Kat he really wants her. Overall, this is a good story. The characters are interesting and likable. The hockey scenes add interest and something I haven’t seen often included in romance novels. As an sports fan, I appreciated that the sport wasn’t breezed over as much as I’ve seen in other books.

My main criticism of this book is that at times it dragged for me. I thought that some scenes seemed unnecessary and the writing could have been tightened and refined. Sometimes the dialogue felt a bit stilted. Some of the characters had a whole lot of exclamation points in their dialogue, and, for me, this brings to mind squealing preteen girls. And I’ve already mentioned my personal feelings about run-on sentences. So if you don’t have the same pet peeves as me, you probably won’t care about these last two bits. 🙂 My main point is that this book felt as if it hadn’t been edited as well as it could have been.

All things considered, I liked the story. I’d be interested to see what this author produces as she continues to grow in her craft. I give this book three cat kisses.

3 cats

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Kat Torella didn’t believe real love existed outside of her romance novels. She didn’t believe in Prince Charming, or happily ever afters. Well, actually, she just didn’t believe they would ever happen to her.<

Kat was not built for love. She always felt like the fat girl that no one really saw. Being bullied as a child led to a lifetime of self-doubt. She feared that she would always see that little fat girl staring back at her in the mirror. Even as an adult, she’s still dealing with it.

Hockey was her escape. She loved the game and she loved the players. One player in particular. He was dreamy. Even swoon-worthy. His dark eyes were mesmerizing. His smile devilishly sexy. His signature flowing locks always looked effortlessly perfect. He was flawless in every way…

Too bad she would never get a guy like him. Well, at least that’s what she thought.

Kris Lafleur was the star defenseman for the Pittsburgh Renegades. Hockey was his life. Well, it was easy to be so dedicated to the game when he hadn’t had much luck in the romance department. His hockey star status attracted puck bunnies and gold diggers. Neither was the kind of girl you wanted to bring home to mom; actually neither were the kind of girl that Kris even wanted to associate with. Deep down he was a hopeless romantic. He was looking for someone who was as devoted to him as he was to her, and not so interested in his bank account.

Then he saw her… Was it her smile? Was it her laugh? He didn’t know what it was, but she already had his heart. She was beautiful.



About the Author

Melody was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband, son and two dogs. The whole family are avid Pittsburgh Penguins fans and like going to hockey games when they get the chance. Melody enjoys taking her son to meet the players on game days. It’s no secret that meeting the players is just as exciting for her as it is for her son; especially when it comes to her favorite player!

Melody has loved writing since she was small, in school she never met a creative writing assignment that she didn’t love. She is lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who encourages her to write. When she was laid off from her job of 14 years, he was supportive about letting her stay home and take care of their son. During that time she discovered hockey-romances and found a renewed love of reading as well as a passion for writing.

Melody spends her spare time reading hockey romances. At holiday time she really enjoys any romance about Christmas. When it is the hockey off-season, she enjoys swimming and spending her days out in the sun.