Habits for 2015

Last January I wrote about why I don’t believe in goals. I’m still on board with that sentiment. This year, I’m more focused on habits. I’ve quoted Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits blog more than once, and I’m going to do it again. For 2015, he has laid out a habit to develop each month. Success may or may not be mine, but, regardless, this is a good list to tackle.

  1. January: Meditation
  2. February: Healthy eating
  3. March: Decluttering
  4. April: Exercise
  5. May: Unprocrastination
  6. June: Learning/studying
  7. July: Debt reduction (saving/investing)
  8. August: Quitting a bad habit
  9. September: A good start (waking early, yoga, etc.)
  10. October: Gratitude
  11. November: Creating
  12. December: Letting Go