Wicked ways to wake up #MySexySaturday

I’ve got a sexy snippet from my upcoming release, Monica’s Match. Monica is staying with an older couple, Ed and Bunny, while she’s visiting the small town of Perry Grove for a two-month job. In this scene, she is napping. Bunny tasks her grandson, Jeremiah, to wake Monica up for dinner. He gets a little creative in the execution.

He leaned over and gently rocked her shoulder. “Monica, wake up; it’s time for dinner.”

She moaned a bit, tried to shake off his offending hand. Not so great at waking up, it seemed. A wicked idea flitted across his mind. He knelt and brushed his lips over hers then ran his tongue along her lower lip. She stretched, her moan one of pleasure this time. He deepened the kiss, and for a few seconds she kissed him back.

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