Interviews, book signing, etc.

On the heels of To Hiss or to Kiss going to print, both my hero and heroine have recently been interviewed by bloggers. And I’ll be doing a book signing on Friday for those of you in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

You can learn a little bit more about my hero Jorge by visiting Some Like It Hotter. He’s the Tuesday Tantalizer, answering 10 questions about his like, dislikes and thoughts on life.

Chloe recently visited author Sarah Cass for an interview. And she had to say what color she’d be.

Finally, I will be at the Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together this weekend, which is being held in West Chester, OH, just north of Cincinnati. It’s my first time, and I hear it’s a great event for readers and authors alike. There are two book signings open to the public. I’ll be signing on Friday, June 7 from 7-9 p.m.

O is for Ohio Wine #AtoZChallenge

Valley Vineyards makes a bunch of wines, most notably Mead (aka Honey Wine). They also have a lovely tasting room indoors and out, and they’re right by Kings Island.

I live in Ohio. One thing many people don’t know is that Ohio has many excellent wine regions. I’m not saying it rivals California or Washington, but we hold our own. I’ve sampled a lot of Ohio wines–after all, what’s more fun than going to wine tastings and picnicking among grape vines?

Ohio has been producing wines since 1830. While you can find familiar grapes, like Riesling, Cab Sauv, Syrah, and Chardonnay, you’ll also find some more unique varietals perfect for Ohio’s terroir. This info is from Ohio Wines.

  1. Traminette (Tram-in-ett)–Aromas of tropical flavors, hints of spice, and a finish of pear and nutmeg. Crisp, off-dry to sweet. Full-flavor, medium-bodied.
  2. Vidal Blanc (Vee-dal-Blonc)–Flavors of citrus, pear and melon. Crisp, usually off-dry to semi-sweet. Light to medium-bodied.
  3. Chambourcin (Sham-boor-san)–Aromas and flavors of berry, nutmeg, or mocha. Medium-bodied.
  4. Seyval Blanc (Say-vol-Blonc)–Citrus bouquet with a scent of apple. Crisp. Light to medium-bodied.

Perhaps the most famous Ohio wine, thanks to Ray Bradbury, is Dandelion Wine. There is still a Dandelion Festival held each year in Dover, Ohio at Breitenbach Winery. You can get a lot of foods made with dandelions, as well as the eponymous dandelion wine, which is actually quite tasty. It’s one of my favorite sweet wines.

Haunted Ohio

Ohio Statehouse

In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d share the site Ohio Hauntings. As a disclaimer, I have only visited one haunted site in Ohio. Many years ago, I attended the Haunted Statehouse tour, which is a popular event each year. It was pretty much like a regular tour of the statehouse, only at night. The scariest part was watching a kid refill his glass by dipping it and his hand in the punch bowl. As a second disclaimer, my experience on this tour is in now way a comment on the existence of ghosts.

photo credit: tlarrow via photopin cc