Breaking In Raj


Our new kitty has his name: Raj. Yes, we love Big Bang Theory, but the name has cool meanings. In Hindi, it means king or royalty. In Polish, it means paradise or heaven. So far he’s living up to the royalty part. He might be the laziest cat I’ve ever met. 🙂

He’s still adjusting to our other animals, but the hissing has died down and he’s now a frequent visitor to about half our house. I’m sure it will be no time before he’s taken over the whole house.

GiGi: An Old Girl Needs a Home #adopt

GiGi’s is a story that breaks my heart. She is going on ten, and most dogs over five have a very hard time finding a home. In addition, GiGi has been passed from home to home, one or more that mistreated her. Animal abuse is deplorable, but there are many people and organizations who are there to help. If you suspect animal abuse is happening in your neighborhood, find the local humane organization who can investigate.

Eduardo: A Remembrance

This has been a difficult year for us. We lost another cat this week. I am glad, though, that we could end his suffering when age finally caught up with him and his body started to shut down. I think the obituary my husband wrote best suits a remembrance of Eduardo:

Unfortunately we lost another cat this year, and even more unfortunately we lost him yesterday, which is my wife’s birthday. Here’s Eduardo (? – 2013). I think he was at least 16 years old, but we were never sure how old he was, since we adopted him after he was an adult in 2002. Quite a handsome guy who had a way with the ladies, always flirting with and charming every vet tech he met, although I never got the sense that he cared much for the veterinarians themselves. Other things about Eduardo: he was exceptionally muscular for a cat who never exercised, he loved my wife more than his own life, he positively hated the outdoors, he had to be held in a particular way where he could plaster his whole body against your chest, and his meow sounded like a dying hard drive. Rest in peace, buddy.

This is perhaps the most famous photo of Eduardo.


A is for Animals #AtoZChallenge #bookbrew

I thought it might be fun to try the April A to Z Challenge. Basically, I’ll be blogging every day except Sundays about a topic for each letter of the alphabet. So today, April 1, I start with the letter A.

I’m an animal lover, and I’m blogging today from noon to 8 p.m. Eastern at Coffee Time Romance and More as part of their April Book Brew. This month’s theme: animals as characters in books. My book is full of animals. Pop on over and see the role they play in my book. There are cats, dogs, a jaguar shape-shifter, and an animal psychic. Oh, and a wee bit of sex. 😉

Plus, you can win prizes.

For more bloggers doing the A to Z Challenge, visit the event’s official blog.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

Two cute kitties who have bonded and are looking for a home in Colorado. They currently are store cats who now need a forever home.

Yin-Yang is the Chinese philosophical idea that seemingly polar opposites are intertwined and interdependent on each other in the natural world. Given these kitties’ names, they must be the perfect complement for each other.