S: Sashi, a remembrance of a dog who loved kittens, kids and everyone she met

Sashi and a foster kitten about a year ago. In her later years, she wore diapers due to incontinence.

Sashi sharing her bed with a foster kitten. In the later years of her life, she wore diapers due to a leaky bladder.A few days ago, my dog Sashi passed on. She was having constant seizures from a brain tumor. My husband and I adopted her about six years ago, when she was probably around seven years old. She already had a little gray hair but not nearly as much as she had when she passed.

An earlier moment of Sashi cuddling with a foster kitten. So many loved her.

An earlier picture of Sashi with a foster kitten. So many loved her.She was the most gentle soul who had a ferocious sounding bark, making her a good watch dog and a good family dog. She loved our cats and was gentle with our foster kittens. The only time she ever snarled was when another animal tried to get between her and her food, but she never did more than growl and snap.

On walks by the park she was always up for a good pet from a neighbor kid excited to see a dog. She had a happy prancing gate that made everyone smile.

Here’s a video of her playing with my cat Lux when Lux was still a kitten.

Rest in peace, Sashi. You will always be in our hearts.

Meet Lars, our new kitty

In the wake of much loss of pets in our household in the past year, we decided to add a new kitty to the family. Meet Lars. He’s now our second foster failure. When I picked him up from the local humane society, I thought he might be a permanent fixture in the family. I’ve always had at least one gray cat, and I lost them both this year. Plus, I could immediately tell he was a laid back guy. It didn’t hurt that his fur is super soft and started purring when I pet him. Cats do know how to seize an opportunity!

He came to us at nine months of age with a nasty bite wound, but after a few weeks of TLC, warm compresses, medicine, and a cone of shame, his wound has healed nicely. He will most likely have permanent scarring at the two main puncture sites, but the rest of the scratches and bruises have faded away. Of course, much happiness ensued when the cone of shame went bye-bye.

His fur is still growing back, but you can’t tell in this photo. I was hoping to get a shot that didn’t cut off his head, but my cat Hermes wouldn’t stop photobombing and I only have so much patience! ๐Ÿ™‚

The rest of the family has accepted him. Even our anti-cat cat Raj has played with him a few times. I think his gentle nature goes a long way toward helping him fit in. It appears he has no interest whatsoever in being alpha cat. Cuddling and playing are way more fun anyway!

Rest in Peace, my Ringliboo.

This has been a difficult year for us with our pets. Today we lost our third cat since last February. Ringo was our oldest cat. She was just shy of 19 and I knew her since shortly after she was born at my in-laws’ house.

When she was 9 months old, she became my cat permanently.ย She was my first pet as an adult, and we weathered me getting married, moves to three different states, a myriad of career changes, and the addition of other cats and a dog to our household. Ringo took everything in stride.

I truly believe she had no fear. Once, when we were out for a walk, a dog came rushing at us full growl. Ringo didn’t even flinch while I warded off the dog. Another time our neighbors got a doberman. The first time the dog stood up on the fence to get attention and Ringo was outside, she charged the fence. The doberman yelped and ran away.

Even in death she was a fighter and faced the pain and difficulty of her body shutting down with grace and determination. Her last act in the vet’s office was to meow and pull herself to one last stand to head butt the vet tech’s hand.

If ever a cat should’ve been cloned, it was Ringo. I will miss her always.


Breaking In Raj


Our new kitty has his name: Raj. Yes, we love Big Bang Theory, but the name has cool meanings. In Hindi, it means king or royalty. In Polish, it means paradise or heaven. So far he’s living up to the royalty part. He might be the laziest cat I’ve ever met. ๐Ÿ™‚

He’s still adjusting to our other animals, but the hissing has died down and he’s now a frequent visitor to about half our house. I’m sure it will be no time before he’s taken over the whole house.