Eduardo: A Remembrance

This has been a difficult year for us. We lost another cat this week. I am glad, though, that we could end his suffering when age finally caught up with him and his body started to shut down. I think the obituary my husband wrote best suits a remembrance of Eduardo:

Unfortunately we lost another cat this year, and even more unfortunately we lost him yesterday, which is my wife’s birthday. Here’s Eduardo (? – 2013). I think he was at least 16 years old, but we were never sure how old he was, since we adopted him after he was an adult in 2002. Quite a handsome guy who had a way with the ladies, always flirting with and charming every vet tech he met, although I never got the sense that he cared much for the veterinarians themselves. Other things about Eduardo: he was exceptionally muscular for a cat who never exercised, he loved my wife more than his own life, he positively hated the outdoors, he had to be held in a particular way where he could plaster his whole body against your chest, and his meow sounded like a dying hard drive. Rest in peace, buddy.

This is perhaps the most famous photo of Eduardo.


Let Me Be Your Chickadee #adopt

Chickadee certainly looks like she likes to chill.

I’m back from a lovely vacation visiting family in the Central California foothills. At some point I’ll get all my pictures downloaded and sorted and will share some either here or on my Facebook page. In the meantime, I want to get back to sharing adoptable animals.

Chickadee is the nickname I use for my cat Lux–well one of them, anyway. All my pets have quite a few. This Chickadee is looking for her forever home in Maine.

Look into My Eyes #adopt

Now that I made it through the April A to Z Challenge, I want to get back to regularly posting adoptable animals from across the country. There are so many animals in need of homes. This week, I found an adorable cat named Max up for adoption in New Orleans. How cute is he? He’s already got the look down that will ensure he gets a human wrapped around his paw!

C is for Catnip #atozchallenge

I’ve already established that I like animals. My favorite animal is the cat. Did you know that not all cats like catnip? A reaction to catnip is actually related to a genetic trait and some lines of cats have been selectively bred to not react to catnip.

My non-catnip kitty is in the front.

I have one cat who just doesn’t get catnip. When the other cats are rolling around, he sniffs the herb and gives them all looks like they are crazy.

I still use catnip in my book. Today I’m guesting over at Sylv Jenkin’s blog about five of my favorite words from my novel. One of them happens to be catnip. Since today’s blog is for the letter C, I also could have written about the word cheeky.