C: Creative Possibilities #meditation #AtoZChallenge

For the first time, I’m participating in the Oprah & Deepak Meditation Challenge. I think of it as the Oprah/Chopra thing. Rhyming names are more fun, and making meditation fun helps me stick with it.

I’ve been told they do a free challenge with a different theme at least once a year. I’ve never been a follower of Oprah or Deepak Chopra, but I did want something that would hold me accountable to a daily meditation process. I’m on day 18 of 21, so we’ll see if it sticks. My theory is I need about two years to establish a habit, which means I don’t have very many good habits. 🙂

Some of the daily themes struck me as more thought-provoking than others. This was from day 17 and has stuck with me. Have you found a meditation regimen that you love? Please share in the comments.

What are your filters? #meditation

Today the mantra for my meditation was: “I open my consciousness to reality.” As I repeated this thought in my mind, its meaning began to shift. First, I thought of being in the present moment–settling in and accepting the reality of each passing instance of time.

Then it became more, pointing me to the filters through which I view the world in each moment. Human beings are programmed to filter information–to fill in gaps or complete a thought based on past experience. This instinct is great when we need to complete many tasks quickly or are, say, running away from a bear. It’s less helpful when we’re facing obstacles such as depression, anxiety, chronic physical pain, worry, and many other sorts of maladies that are prone to cloud our judgment.

What filters can we see more clearly today so that we might open our consciousness to reality?