Cover Reveal: Wine Service by Zenobia Renquist

She offers satisfaction above and beyond what is requested.

Lexie’s job as a housekeeper at a five-star hotel doesn’t normally include the unique and risqué form of room service that important hotel guest Mr. Malena has requested, nor the generous tip he’s offered. Lexie can’t resist, and what should have been a one-time thing turns into an introduction into the sensual world of customer satisfaction. She finds much enjoyment in her “work,” but is it worth risking her job?

A tidbit about this work:

It’s no secret that I frequent porn sites for sex scene inspiration. Research. All in the name of research. I swear. Like with anything, there are stars I prefer. More than how they look, I like the way they do their jobs. As a kind of tribute, I named my characters after those stars.


“Good to see you,” Mr. Malena said in a boisterous tone. “Glad you could make it.”

“Thanks for inviting me.” The man at the door sounded older. Probably not a bellhop or server. A manager, maybe? Lexie didn’t recognize his voice.

“Come on in.”

“Gladly. Is she here?”

“Here and ready. Come see.”

The men reentered the bedroom. The visitor whistled. “Very nice. Not my definition of ready, but she’ll do.”

“Your definition of ready involves handcuffs and a flogger.”

“Not true. I prefer wrist cuffs and a paddle. You can’t tell me you didn’t think of binding this sweet pet to the foot of your bed and playing with her until she’s begging for release.”

“That’s your game, not mine.”

“You’re missing out.”

“Doubtful, and moving on. This is Lexie,” Mr. Malena said.

She held her breath. What was he doing? He’d never told anyone her name before. Shivers of fear coursed through her. Was this it? Would she be caught?

“Hello there, Lexie,” the visitor said. “You are stunningly drenched. Excited, aren’t you?”

She didn’t answer, couldn’t answer. Her mouth didn’t work.

Mr. Malena said, “She gets shy sometimes.”

She startled with a muted yelp when Mr. Malena smoothed his hand over her ass.

“Lexie, there’s no need to be nervous. He’s not a hotel employee. He’s an old friend I called out here to meet you. You can call him Mr. Dani.”

“H-Hello, Mr. Dani,” Lexie rasped as she clutched at the blanket over her head. She wasn’t standing up. No way. Mr. Malena had let her hide her face in the past. He didn’t get to change the rules now.

“Nice of you to offer me a snack,” Mr. Dani said.  “How did you know I was hungry?”

She didn’t have a chance to form an answer to his confusing statement before his mouth landed on her pussy. It had to be Mr. Dani. His lips were thinner than Mr. Malena’s. She was too surprised to move, and then she was too aroused.

Author Bio:

Zenobia Renquist is an Air Force brat turned Air Force wife. She and her husband are owned by two demanding cats of the long-haired persuasion. Born in Europe and currently stationed in Hawaii, Zenobia has been traveling all her life. “Where are you from?” is not a question she likes to be asked but will usually answer Virginia, because it’s the one place that feels like home.

Zenobia’s stories range from steamy to scorching and she writes whichever genre catches her interest at the time. When not coming up with ways to torture her characters, she enjoys knitting and crochet (both regular and Tunisian) as well as reading shoujo and yaoi manga.

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Review: One Night of Sin is so-so short erotica

“One Night of Sin” is an erotic short that features Lisette, a librarian, and Sully, a rich Dom. When Sully’s car gets stuck in a snow bank, he comes to the library to call a tow truck (although why a rich man wouldn’t have a cell phone in this day and age…). Essentially, this piece is a long sex scene. Outside of Lisette telling the reader about her life in the early pages, the story is a description of Lisette’s and Sully’s sexual encounter with some sexy dialogue thrown in.

Just sayin’…

This is a pretty ordinary story that could have benefited from some editing, suffering from typos, rampant misuse of commas, and one or two dangling participles—all of which make the story more difficult to read. Continuity errors also detract from the story. For instance, at one point the story says, “Wrapping his fingers around my bound wrists, he slides his legs between them, so I look as if a child wrapped around their fathers’ leg.” In the next paragraph, it says, “My hands still bound in front of me, dangle.” Sometimes the movements and placement of body parts didn’t seem to quite add up.

Still, there are some hot moments. If you’re looking for arousal rather than a complex story, One Night of Sin might work for you. I give this story two cat kisses.

2 cats

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Lissette Banning spent all of her time with books. As the head librarian, she was there from open to close and almost always alone. One snowy night will turn into a blizzard of sin and make all her fantasies come true. She will soon learn, some fantasies are better in real life than any of her books.

Sullivan Bixby just came in to call a tow truck. His vehicle stuck in a snow bank, he soon realizes he’d rather be snowed in the library than anywhere else. Can he help Ms. Banning lose her inhibitions? Can he show her the true meaning of pleasure?

Meet Veronica

Veronica Velvet is a writer of Erotic/BDSM stories. Her first short story, “One Night of Sin,” introduces readers to Sullivan Bixby and her Club Liaison series. These stories are going to follow members of the club as Sullivan plays “Matchmaker”. To follow Veronica, you can reach her on Facebook or Twitter.


Sighing, I place my glasses on the desk before me. Glancing at the clock, it’s only eight pm. I still have another hour before I can close up here, go home, curl up with some wine and a Channing Tatum flick. The book I’m reading is getting real steamy and I don’t want to read it here. I want to be home, in my bath tub with my Form 6 G3. The toy is an invention of heaven. Fiddling with the nameplate on my desk, I trace the letters with my fingers. I could be naughty and bring it to work with me one day. This makes me smile to myself.

Yup, that’s me. A thirty year old lonely librarian, who at the moment is thinking of bringing a vibrator to work with her. Thinking to myself, I wonder where I went wrong. I loved books growing up so much that I spent a lot of money on an education about them. Now, I run the library public library here in Canandaigua, New York all by myself. From the time it opens in the morning, until it closes at night. Nine to nine. Some would think it’s hard working twelve hour days, five days a week. I don’t mind though. It’s not like I have a life. I never go to the slopes to ski, I don’t partake in wine tours, hell, I barely have any friends. They all moved away to far more interesting places after high school. Some people laugh and find it funny that I live in Wine Country and don’t do the tours. Why would I, considering it’s only me? For someone like me who spends years with their nose in a book, you end up missing so much that goes on around you. This, I’ve learned the hard way. There’s no one special in my life, no excitement and most certainly no sex.

Pushing the current romance novel away from me, I slide my glasses back on my face. It’s not like anyone comes in after six at night anyways, but who knows. There could be some college student needing late night studying or help with a term paper. I don’t mind missing out on night life. It’s not like I date. I don’t have many friends other than the people who come in here to read or talk about books, if you can even call them friends. I don’t go out to dinner and the last boyfriend I had was in my first year of college. Unlike the amazing romantic erotica I read now, the sex wasn’t that great and I’ve had nothing to compare it with since except myself. I’m not a lesbian or anything, but I just don’t see the point in wasting time with a man who can’t please me like I can please myself. No drunken bar hookups for me. A good book, a good vibrator and that’s all I’ve ever needed.

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New Release from N Kuhn: Buffalo Heat only 99 cents

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Candace Banchetti is on the biggest case of her new career as a Buffalo PD. But rocking tiny outfits and stilettos isn’t the worst part. She’s not only a stripper, but the girlfriend to a drug lord’s son. In order to keep her sanity, she needs this case to end and soon. Enter the guy that could bring down her case if she doesn’t learn to control her hormones around him.

Dominic Bartel despises his new nick name “Geek Boy”. Being undercover means he has to play the part until he gets the bust. Unfortunately for him, he wants Candace in his bed, the drug lord in jail, and for the severe case of blue balls to end. He’s so close he can see the end of the line. But once the bullets start flying and her life is on the line, it’s time to stop pretending and get the bad guy…and the girl.

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About the Author:

N Kuhn grew up in a small town in Western New York. Having spent her afternoons outside or with a book, she grew up with a love of reading and writing. Her mother and grandmother fully encouraged this in her. Many years later, after a husband and children, she made a promise to her dying grandmother to fulfill her dream of being an author. Her grandmother lived to see N’s name in print. This was a turning moment for her. Driven by ambition and a promise made, she has since published several titles including the Mohawk Trilogy, Tucked In, Buffalo Rocker and the Tricks series.

N Kuhn has several other books that will be out later this year. When she’s not writing, she runs her blog, bartends and promotes for other authors. Family and coffee are her two staples in life. Check her out on: