Blog Hop: Hot Days and Hotter Nights with Shifters and Psychics

Welcome to the Hot Days and Hotter Nights Blog Hop sponsored by Red Hot Authors Cafe. There’s an awesome list of prizes, so be sure to check out the Rafflecopter link at the end of the post.

In addition, I’ll be giving away one ebook from my Hidden Lines series to one person who comments on this post with an answer to this question:

My heroine, Chloe, can speak with animals. If you could talk to any animal, who would you choose and what would you ask him/her?

To follow are some teaser excerpts from each of the three books in the series, which chart Chloe and Jorge’s story.

Book 1: To Hiss or to Kiss

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Book 2: To Growl or to Groan

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Book 3: To Snarl or to Snuggle

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Cover Reveal: To Snarl or to Snuggle by Katya Armock

Check out the cover for my next release, To Snarl or to Snuggle. It is book three of my Hidden Lines series and concludes the trilogy that follows Chloe and Jorge on their journey to their happily ever after.

She just wants to make it through her whirlwind wedding. Too bad life isn’t cooperating.

Chloe thinks her life is just about perfect. She’s finally got her psychic abilities under control, her relationship with her father has never been better, and she’s finally marrying her shape-shifter boyfriend Jorge. But when a teenage shape-shifter in need of help leads Jorge’s rival to their door, Chloe’s perfect life deserts her. Chloe’s mother and grandmother find themselves in a psychic feud that leaves Chloe caught in the wake, and a woman with suspect motives insinuates herself into Chloe’s life. Throw in a shocking revelation about the origins of her family’s extrasensory abilities, and she’s not sure she’ll make it down the aisle in one piece, let alone live long enough for a happily ever after…

And she thought meeting her in-laws was tough.

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Book 1 on SALE for 99 cents!

Chloe can “talk” to animals…so why can she hear the thoughts of this hot, green-eyed man?

Abandoned by her mother and raised by a father who’d given up on life, Chloe doesn’t let anyone get close. Lucky for her, she can communicate with animals—telepathically. Animals are the only people she needs. When a suspected dogfighting ring comes to her attention, Chloe decides to do a little spying. In her rush to win the dogs’ trust, she almost gets caught.

Until a sexy stranger intervenes, and she finds she can overhear his thoughts. She’s never been able to hear people, and this man’s about as sexy as she’s ever seen. It’s more than intellectual curiosity that drives her to discover his secret: he’s a jaguar shape-shifter, and the presence of this cat among the dogs might be a bit too much to handle. But the animal attraction is just too hot to resist, and the passion between them makes both the sparks—and the fur—fly…

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Shredded Clothes: #8sunday #sneakpeeksunday

Today, a little taste of lovemaking from my new novel To Hiss or to Kiss.

“These are my favorite jeans. Don’t shred them.”

The rumble of his laughter carries into the breast he’s suckling. He rises up enough to reach down and undo my jeans. “I guess I’ll just take my time getting them off then.” His voice is husky as his hand snakes inside and pushes down my jeans and underwear. He kisses the sensitive skin of my hip and continues to trail wet kisses down my legs as he slowly slides my pants off.

He drops them on the ground, looking down at me with such heat in his eyes that I can’t even remember why I was so mad at him.

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Cats Just Want to be Kissed #8sunday

Available March 1!

Since everyone enjoyed a peek at a dog last week, I thought I’d give some insight into Chloe’s relationship with her cats.

I give each cat a kiss on the head. Enoki doesn’t mind, but Sashi tries to duck in protest. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sashi, I know you hate it when I kiss you on the head.” I laugh as I succeed in trapping her head long enough for a quick kiss. She shoots me her annoyed look and gives me a decidedly perturbed meow as she breaks free, but she’s also purring, so I know she’s not really upset. “I love you, too, Sashi.” She tries to feign indifference but her motor’s still running, so I know better. I let her keep her pride, though.

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