Comic Relief #sneakpeeksunday #8sunday

So my release date got pushed back to March 1. More time to promo, I guess. 🙂 I’ll be unveiling my cover on Feb. 18 on my Facebook page.

As for my snippet, this week I’m offering up a little doggy comic relief. Chloe, my heroine, communicates with animals. If you own a pet, you know they have their ways of waking you up, but it’s a little easier for them when they can talk to you!


“Chloe, wake up. I really, really, really need to pee.”

I moan and sink deeper into Jorge’s arms, pulling my hand back.

“Chloe, wake up. I’m dying here. I have to pee.”

Ugh, why won’t that voice go away? I crack my eyes open and see Ringo by the bed prancing around doing the doggy version of a potty dance.

Ringo starts prancing toward the bedroom door. “Thank goodness. I’ve got to go.”


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#SneakPeekSunday – Lusty Thoughts

To Hiss or to Kiss releases this 3.1.13. Here’s an excerpt of the heroine, Chloe, talking with her best friend Naomi about meeting the first human she’s ever been able to psychically connect with. Chloe is an animal communicator, so she’s justifiably freaked out by the new development.

“Oh, you really were having hot lusty thoughts. Ooh, this is getting good. You’ve got the hots for a guy you can mind speak with. It’s like soul mate/twin flames kinda stuff. This is so cool.”

Leave it to Naomi to find the silver lining—and already be planning my wedding in her head. Not that she dates much either but, unlike me, she has managed to remain a romantic at heart and believes we each actually have a soul mate. I don’t think I’ve ever been romantic. Maybe when I was, like, eight or something. I’ve never really been a Disney Princess kind of girl.

“Maybe it’s cool for you,” I snark. “A guy I’ve never met may have heard me think he’s hot and a little bit about what I’d like to do about that.”

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