Review: Her Wolf Menage by Louisa Bacio is sultry in NOLA


She seeks adventure

What’s the use of living in a wolf pack when one isn’t a shifter? Jana strikes out from Louisiana’s national forest to New Orleans to find herself, only to discover more questions.

They want the same woman

The moment Jana steps into the French Quarter, Andre pursues the naïve beauty. An artist, he senses the hidden wolf beneath the surface, and her nature calls to him. It’s not until she leaves that long-time friend Dominick realizes what he wants. The two alpha weres must battle it out or learn to share to reach their happy ending.

My review:

Her Wolf Ménage is the latest in Ms. Bacio’s The Vampire, the Witch and the Werewolf series. This is the first book I have read by this author. Despite this I was able to follow the story for the most part.

Her Wolf Ménage tells the story of Jana, a non-shifting werewolf who leaves her pack in the forest for the streets of New Orleans to find herself and get over her long-time crush on her pack mate Dominick. Having never been to a large city, she is a bit overwhelmed when she arrives but is helped by Andre, who happens to also be a werewolf. They hit it off and begin dating. She feels her confidence grow but she remains unable to shift.

Meanwhile Dominick finally realizes what he’s lost by never claiming Jana as his mate and goes to the city to find her. After some rocky tension between Dominick and Andre, they work out their differences to both be able to be with Jana.

The characters are interesting, as are the glimpses of those who’ve come earlier in the series (namely some vampires, werewolves and witches, go figure *grins*). The story line is at times a bit difficult to follow. For instance, I’d lose track of which “he” Jana was thinking about when she was trying to figure out the relationships. There were also some very quick moves from scene to scene that made it difficult to keep up or left me asking: “Now how did we get here quite so easily?”

The sex scenes were hot but not as spicy as I expected, especially from a ménage. The groundwork for the three of them working as lovers and mates is there. I would have enjoyed seeing Andre’s character in particular more fully developed.

Overall the story kept my attention. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.