Cover Reveal: Monica’s Match by Katya Armock

I’ve finally set a release date for my new book: April 14! You can pre-order it now from Amazon. This one starts a new series about the residents of Perry Grove, Michigan. It’s a sensual, contemporary romantic comedy, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. And now for the cover reveal:

Monica has the ability to see a guy’s aura light up the first time he touches his soul mate, but she’s kept it a secret since her parents shamed her as a child. Still, she decides to start her own matchmaking company—even if she doesn’t advertise her unique ability. Business is so-so until she gets a call to find matches for the singles of the small town of Perry Grove. She’s not looking for love herself but has an immediate attraction to one of her clients. Too bad another woman lit up his aura.

Hunky dairy farmer Jeremiah wants nothing to do with his grandpa’s hare-brained matchmaking scheme but agrees to play along to appease the man who raised him.  But when he meets the sexy matchmaker, he starts to rethink his single status. Too bad she’s intent on pairing him up with another woman. If there’s one thing he knows, though, it’s how to be stubborn.

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Wicked ways to wake up #MySexySaturday

I’ve got a sexy snippet from my upcoming release, Monica’s Match. Monica is staying with an older couple, Ed and Bunny, while she’s visiting the small town of Perry Grove for a two-month job. In this scene, she is napping. Bunny tasks her grandson, Jeremiah, to wake Monica up for dinner. He gets a little creative in the execution.

He leaned over and gently rocked her shoulder. “Monica, wake up; it’s time for dinner.”

She moaned a bit, tried to shake off his offending hand. Not so great at waking up, it seemed. A wicked idea flitted across his mind. He knelt and brushed his lips over hers then ran his tongue along her lower lip. She stretched, her moan one of pleasure this time. He deepened the kiss, and for a few seconds she kissed him back.

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Doughnut tires and head in the game: #8Sunday

This week I have another snippet from my soon-to-be-released contemporary romantic comedy Monica’s Match. This one introduces the heroine, who is finally arriving at her job site after a flat tire delay. Note that final edits are still in progress.

Monica Morgan slammed the door of her red Camry and kicked the offending tire for good measure. “Ow. Darn it!” Her sensible black flats were no match for the doughnut wheel. Smooth move, Sherlock. Get your head in the game. You need this job or your business is toast.

She took a moment for one deep breath then hurried to the entrance of the Perry Grove United Methodist Church.

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Hare-brained schemes #8Sunday #excerpt

I haven’t done a Sunday 8 for a good while, but I’m hoping to get back on the saddle. This is from my soon-to-be-released contemporary romantic comedy Monica’s Match. The hero, Jeremiah, is none too thrilled to be participating in Monica’s matchmaking services. Note that final edits are still in progress.

The matchmaker was two hours late. Jeremiah Thompson already didn’t want to be here. However, since hiring a matchmaker for Perry Grove’s singles was his grandpa’s hare-brained scheme, here he waited with strict instructions to stay in the Sunday school classroom by himself. Evidently the matchmaker liked to “observe initial meetings,” as his grandpa had quoted from the matchmaker’s instruction guide. A guide Jeremiah hadn’t bothered to read because had no intention of losing his bachelorhood anytime soon.
He’d given up on the kid chairs about twenty minutes in and now had his legs sprawled in front of him on the floor and his back against one of the brightly colored cinder-block walls. Tossing his Lego creation to the side with disgust, he hoisted himself to his feet. “Screw this.”



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