Wednesday Words: Emma Paul Describes Some Male Anatomy

Today, Emma Paul, author of Erotic Romance, Paranormal and Sci-fi Erotic Romance, talks some of her favorite words, which all happen to describe a certain part of the male anatomy. Have at it, Emma.

Okay I’ll try to keep this PG-13. After all, I am an erotic writer and our vocabulary tends to be a bit more…uhm…COLORFUL.

My favorite genre is…drum-roll please…Erotic Romance…surprised aren’t you? Well needless to say, true to my genre I tend to come up with some rather interesting word choices to describe certain parts of the male anatomy. Let’s face it; penis and testicles just seem to get a bit boring after a while. And, if you are writing erotic love scenes it needs to be vividly descriptive. However, we don’t want to gross out our readers with the “ewe” factor. Therefore Erotic love scenes need to be descriptive enough to cause warm fuzzy feelings, but worded with care.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done. After all how many other names other than the obvious, cock, dick, schlong (well okay not schlong 🙂 ) how many ways can we describe the male sex organ?

I have found that at least in my case, it’s the love scene, setting of said scene and the circumstances involved that dictate what I will use. Now I’d like you to know that I take my male character’s private parts very seriously. I do.

Erotic Romance is not only about the hot love scenes; it’s also about drawing the reader in and giving them a mental orgasm. Yep I said it! It’s true though. The words need to be carefully chosen to create that mental image, which eventually trickles down to other more intimate parts. (wink).

Let me share some of these terms that I have used in several of my writings,

1. Meat—Yep that is correct, just plain ole “meat”.  How can that be sexy you say…well it can’t. That’s why my editor nixed it. But, I have to admit that I did use this once very successfully when I wrote a short story …(okay I had to nix it from that story too, but I really like this one, and one day I’ll sneak it in…shhhh…don’t tell my editor…)

Jasper cried out. Joe grabbed his rigid meat in one calloused hand and firmly stroked…(PG-13, think I’ll stop here, but I think you can see where this is going…)

Notice how you know exactly what the word “meat” implies. See how that small sentence shows you what is happening, letting you visualize it in your mind. That’s a small example of Erotic Romance at work.

2. Length—A simple benign word. Not quite effective when you see it on paper/screen alone. All it brings to mind is something long. A string, piece of tubing, or perhaps a ruler? Well when I use it, it takes on a whole new meaning…

Losing your virginity is a festive time in a young Zen woman’s life.  Twenty-two year old Yani sat on the bed and looked up at the handsome Zen 

male she had chosen.  Her eyes followed the sleek lines of his chiseled chest and abdomen. When she reached the area below his waste, her eyes rounded in awe. Her mouth dropped open. His thick hard length rose eye-level to her. The tip glistened with… (I’ll let you fill in the blank, heh.)

Notice again how the description leaves little to the imagination, yet still tantalizes the senses. Length in this case can only refer to one particular thing. We can see that from Yani’s point of view, as a virgin, perhaps calling it what it is may be a bit intimidating so in this instance the word “length” serves my purpose well.

 Package—In all honesty I rarely use this word. However, in a particular case where I feel a bit of humor is needed to emphasize a character’s personality, it may be the best alternative. For example:

Joyce could hardly remove her eyes from the man’s package, long enough to make a coherent sentence. The bulge only grew larger under her shocked scrutiny.

This was actually a deleted sentence in Soulmate’s Touch, although I’ve decided to use it in Soulmate’s Kiss, as it fits that heroine’s personality much better. Nonetheless, you see how the use of the word automatically identifies what part of the man Joyce is looking at and the immediate feeling she gets from it’s, ahem…size…(FYI erotic authors tend to like male parts on the, ah, “larger” side. 😉 )

4. Weapon—Yeah I know, cliché right?  But used correctly can really bring that damn-I- need-a-cold-compress-to-my-forehead, feeling. Check it out…

“Oh my God!” Elle, couldn’t believe the Demon’s size. For a moment, she wished that she hadn’t agreed to this bargain.  His muscles bulged with strength. His chest heaved with that pent up lust she clearly saw etched in his intense expression. The look on his face told her he meant to ravage her. He wanted to conquer her, make her submit to his every whim. Her gaze lowered and she saw he had the means to do it.  The Demon grabbed her hand and slowly brought it towards the weapon jutting out from between his powerful thighs with wicked eagerness. Elle allowed him to guide her to it’s large purple…

Now notice, in this example, I build up the scene. I used one of my dark paranormal stories in order to exemplify how certain words need to be used under the right circumstances and right scene in order to make the prose fit. Weapon is a hard one to use, as it often brings to mind violence. So to make it sexy, we need to prepare the reader in advance by building the scene to a “mini” climax.  (Erotic authors like to throw in climactic scenes often. Well at lease I do. 🙂 )

Finally, My last word is actually a weird one. I used it to describe my Gargoyles in my Gargoyle Soulmate’s Series.

6. Man meat—Okay before you slap your forehead and say WTF? let me explain. This term is necessarily a “direct” reference to the actual male anatomy. I just really like this term. In the right sentence, it gave my secondary character, Sal in Soulmate’s Touch a bit of sass and let the reader relate to her quirky personality. I knew that Sal was going to be my next story heroine, and I wanted people to like her right off the bat.

How was she ever going to live this down?  Sal was bursting at the seams. By tomorrow morning, everyone at work will know how she beat down thirty women claiming her man.  Not that Romiel was her man. But knowing Sal, she already had him bagged, tagged and branded as “Joy’s man-meat”.  She hated the term Sal used to describe males in committed relationships. 

These are definitely some of my favorite words. I have many more. Maybe one day I can come back and write about those too.

Thanks for the invite to your Blog, Katya!

Vampires, Demons and Gargoyles are real. Joyce Davis has just found out that she is mated to one of them. Romiel is a gargoyle, an offspring of a Demon father and Vampire mother. Cursed by a powerful human wizard, Romiel and all Gargoyles are imprisoned in stone. And only the touch of a true Soulmate can free him. The moment that Joyce touches Romiel, she knows there is a strong bond between them. Although she tries to justify why loving a Gargoyle is wrong, her heart, soul and body refuse to listen.

Together she and Romiel face an uncertain future, as evil forces are unleashed on the unsuspecting humans. In the midst of an ancient war between the immortal vampires and demons, Romiel must unite with an old enemy in order to protect the human race against certain annihilation. As their love for each other grows stronger, Joy and Romiel must face evil head on to save humanity and the Gods themselves.