Scotch…the rabbit #adopt

Scotch is a big, beautiful bunny who looks like she’ll be so soft to pet.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Scotch, so how perfect to feature a beautiful rabbit with the name Scotch. This big, loving bunny is up for adoption in Massachusetts. She was found as a hungry stray, but is now properly pampered and ready for her forever home. A lot of people think rabbits can live in the wild, but only wild rabbits have the knowledge to do so. Like all domesticated pets, rabbits need a loving home and people to care for them.

Want to know more about caring for a house rabbit? Click here.

GiGi: An Old Girl Needs a Home #adopt

GiGi’s is a story that breaks my heart. She is going on ten, and most dogs over five have a very hard time finding a home. In addition, GiGi has been passed from home to home, one or more that mistreated her. Animal abuse is deplorable, but there are many people and organizations who are there to help. If you suspect animal abuse is happening in your neighborhood, find the local humane organization who can investigate.

Dobermans, aka Velcro Dogs #adopt

Chloe is a doberman mix who’s not quite full grown yet.

Today, I picked out an adoptable dog in Indiana who shares a name with my heroine Chloe. And she’s a doberman mix. I love dobermans. Despite their reputation as fierce guard dogs, it actually takes a good deal of training to make them that way. Most dobes are actually quite timid, but once they get to know you, there’s a reason they are called Velcro dogs. You WILL cuddle with them. đŸ™‚ They have a lot of energy, are intelligent and most do very well with other pets and children.