Comic Relief Every Day #adopt

Bruno just wants to have fun

Earlier this week, I posted a snippet from my forthcoming book To Hiss or to Kiss that featured a pit bull named Ringo getting up to some doggie hijinks. So I thought I’d feature an adoptable dog that looks like he’d provide comic relief for his owner every day.

Check out adorable Bruno, looking for a forever home in Idaho.

Pit Bulls are Big Babies

Adam is a gentle Pit Bull in Delaware

Pit Bulls and related “bully breeds” are often viewed as dangerous and mean. In reality, very few are that way, and most that are are trained to be that way or severely abused. By nature, most bully breed dogs are giant babies. Certainly the ones in my book are.

My neighbor has a pit mix named Tiger, who was afraid of me for the first few weeks after we met. Sure he’d bark when I was out in the yard, but if I said hello to him, he beelined it for the safety of indoors. Now that he’s used to me, I must tell him hello whenever we’re both outside. He also requires I allow him to give me a big doggie kiss. A simple pat on his head  just won’t do.

As you can see from the photo, Adam is also a big baby. He’s  looking for his forever home in Delaware.