A: And so it begins… #AtoZChallenge

I first attempted the April A to Z Challenge a few years ago. Then, I put together a list of topics for each day, neatly typed into Word. I coerced my friends into giving me input, i.e. made them listen to me talk about my ideas. It was going to be an epic month of brilliance.

By day three, I was already off topic.

Lesson learned: I suck at following plans. 😉 This shouldn’t have surprised me. A perusal of my past would’ve made it obvious.

The important thing was: I finished.

This time around, I have no plan other than to post for each letter on the allotted day. No themes, no preconceived ideas down on paper, or rather, Word document. Sure, I’m kicking thoughts around in my head. I’m releasing a new novel this month, so there’s a good bet that will get some mentions. I’m doing a meditation challenge, which will surely provide blogging fodder. Recipes and cute animal anecdotes are a few loves of mine.

All I know for sure is it’s going to be a wild ride. I hope you’ll join me.