“You promised no one would make me eat haggis” #MySexySaturday

293a6-headerforlynn_sexysaturdayThis week’s My Sexy Saturday theme is Our Sexy Thanksgiving, celebrating love and family. My excerpt cheats a little, as it talks about a feast for St. Andrew’s Day, which is observed Nov. 30. The heroine, Chloe, is visiting her boyfriend’s family in Scotland. Roberto is Jorge’s uncle and Adam is his brother. The just finished discussing a mysterious website related to shape-shifters. Roberto and Jorge are both shape-shifters. This snippet is from To Growl or to Groan, the second book in my Hidden Lines trilogy.

Roberto smiles at me. “I say we don’t worry about it. Tomorrow is St. Andrew’s Day and we’ll celebrate. Have you had haggis before, Chloe?”

I wrinkle my nose and turn to Jorge. “You promised no one would make me eat haggis.”

They all laugh, the Web site momentarily left to rest.

Jorge winks at me. “No one will make you eat it. I never said it wouldn’t be served. You might like white pudding better. And there will be plenty of neeps and tatties.”

“I can do turnips and potatoes. And white pudding doesn’t sound nearly as gross as haggis. Organ meats are not my thing.”

Adam snorts. “No one said there wouldn’t be plenty of leftover haggis, either. I think Dad’s the only one who actually eats it.”

We all have a good laugh before heading to bed.

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