Poll: Which story to focus on???

I have found myself in a quandary where three stories are bouncing around my head and my WIP writing time. So I thought I’d share the first four sentences of two of them and see which one you all feel more drawn to. Thank you in advance for any comments you would like to leave to help me focus!


Monica let her forehead hit her desk with a sigh. Then she banged her head a few times on the pressed wooden surface for good measure—just in case she hadn’t gotten it through her thick skull that starting her own matchmaking company six months ago had been a catastrophically bad idea.

Well, OK, maybe not catastrophic, but it sure wasn’t going well. And for a person who could see a guy’s aura light up like a Christmas tree when he met a potential mate, she sure would have thought things would have gone better.


“At least I had the decency to wait until after exams to die.”

It had been four weeks since Fiona Freer’s mother had said that to her in her trademark sardonic approach to everything difficult in life. Given that at the time she was wasting in a hospital bed, was on a respirator, and had a good amount of opiates on board, that she could pull off that tone was quite impressive. She’d made Fiona smile while on her deathbed.

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