What are you doing in my dream? #8Sunday

Today another sample from the soon to be released To Growl or to Groan. Chloe can telepathically communicate with animals and shape-shifters, but her ability has been going a little haywire. This snippet is one of her first clues that she’s losing control.

I have never been to Scotland and wonder at how vivid this dream is. I no sooner think that than the feeling that I am seeing this through Jorge’s senses overwhelms me.

For a moment, I relish the familiarity with the scene–I know that a few steps to the right and we’ll be at the path to an old barn. And then we are walking, but it is as though I am inside Jorge’s body, traveling with him. I no longer see my footprints on the ground as we approach the barn, can no longer feel the warmth of Jorge’s hand holding mine.

I blink and I am once again standing next to Jorge. He looks at me with a stunned expression.

“Chloe? What are you doing in my dream?”

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Did someone mention Batman? #8sunday

Here’s a snippet from early on in my forthcoming novel, To Growl or to Groan, set to release in October. Jorge, our hero, is helping carry in the bags when Chloe returns home from Christmas shopping.

I open the front door while shaking my head and let Jorge go first since he’s carrying more bags. “I’ll hold you to your flirting later. But now, how about we put all the bags in the Bat Cave?” That’s what I’d named the den on the first floor, which Jorge outfitted with a supercomputer and wall of monitors all connected to cameras strategically placed throughout the property and the house. He takes his privacy very seriously, and as a shape-shifter, he does have things to hide, so I can’t entirely blame him. When I found out about the monitoring, I made him swear that he wasn’t keeping the recordings of our bedroom. Since then, I’ve added the kitchen and living room to the list of recordings that must be erased. No sex tapes will be leaking onto the Internet on my watch.

While you’re waiting for To Growl or to Groan to release, check out To Hiss or to Kiss and find out how Jorge and Chloe first meet.

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Drinking and Meeting the Parents #8sunday

How much is too much Scotch?

This week I give you a snippet from the forthcoming To Growl or to Groan. Chloe and Jorge are flying to Scotland to meet his parents.

“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong or will I just have to cut you off so you don’t meet my parents completely drunk?” Jorge reaches across the table between us and tweaks my nose so I look at him.

I gaze into his dreamy green eyes. Two and a half months and I’m still not tired of them. They aren’t quite enough to calm me down at the moment, though.  He nods toward the bottle of scotch between us. I’m on my fourth serving—or is it five? We’ve been flying for four hours, so it’s not so much given the time lapse.

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Among Other Things… #8Sunday

Here’s another snippet from my recently contracted novel. The dialogue starts with the heroine, Chloe, talking to Jorge.

“Admit it. You love me for my honesty.”

“Among other things.” His voice drops. “Too bad Naomi’s on her way.”

The look in his eyes has me envisioning all sorts of fun we could be having in the bedroom. If there’s anything Jorge and I do well together, it’s sex.

“Oh, don’t make me regret the opportunity to see my best friend.”

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Fun with Tarot #8Sunday

I recently signed a contract for the sequel to To Hiss or to Kiss. This snippet is from that WIP, tentatively titled To Growl or to Groan. In this scene, the main character, Chloe, just finished getting a rather harrowing tarot reading.

“Rest with the messages and take what you can from them. Let them bring you insight and add to your own wisdom. They are not meant to tell you exactly what will happen, and whatever you imagine now, may not be what the cards wish for you to know.”

I stare at her delicate hand over mine. Her skin is darker than mine, but still rather pale. I don’t know what to think about this reading. Panicking will do me no good, nor will griping. Goddamn it.

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